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House #2: "The Road Less Traveled" CLICK AN IMAGE TO MAKE IT LARGER By: The Rockville Collaboration 

Welcome to 2020 - the Holiday Season,
People do not drive Interstate 270 as they see no reason.
The road from south to north
 is completely empty, of course!
Judge Adams and Magistrate Raymond are both downtown,
looking for the attorneys, but none are to be found.

By the MARC train we find Judges Nicklas and Rolle,
But oh boy, with everyone wearing masks things are not as jolly!

Judges Sandy and Solt are holding down the “emergency hearing” fort,
but things are just not the same now in this Court.
Judge Martz-Fisher decided to go look for Magistrate Minner,
holding her Holiday CD and Irish cream, surely we have a winner!
Don’t forget your attorneys and friends down south,
Even in Rockville Judge Greenberg has a mask covering his mouth.
Things during COVID have put the legal community to a test,
but hands down, without a doubt, the Frederick bar is still the BEST! 

House #1:  Gingerbread Barnyard  By: Cheryl Lenhart, Assistant to Janice Rockwell                                                                        

Once there was a place you see;

Where the houses were edible and ginger-people roamed free;

This far away land was vast and covered in snow;

And every tree made of ginger was topped with a bow;

It was truly a Winter Wonderland;

And, if you ever saw it you’d agree that it was grand.

Best Holiday Winner: House #4: "Frederick County Courthouse" CLICK AN IMAGE TO MAKE IT LARGER By: Cristine Evans LoVetro

House #8: "Winter Wonderland" CLICK AN IMAGE TO MAKE IT LARGER By: Conklyn & Kemp Law Firm

House #7: Gingerbread houses with Grammy even during COVID. By: daughters of Maegan Cooper, Executive Director

Just to explain it a little bit: we started by using an Amazon box, because that's pretty COVID Christmas 2020.  Then we made homemade gingerbread, rolled it out, designed stencils for iconic vegas strip places (Bellagio fountain, Ceasars, Paris, and the MGM Grand pyramid and ferris wheel), cut them out, baked them, and decorated using all edible pieces!  The fountain, balloon, flamingos, and ferris wheel are all melted white chocolate.  Then I put a bunch of lights on it because... VEGAS!


BGS Law, LLC,  Shechtel and Associates, P.A.,  The Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee,  The Law Offices of Sharon Johnson ... and our children (and grandchildren)

People's Choice Winner: House #3: "Gingerbread Cuties" By:  Mary (6) and Hannah (4), daughters of Kate Wright, Ethridge Quinn

House #9: "Take A Chance on Love" ​By: Janice Rockwell

I decided to "replicate" (to the extent that such is possible with all edible items) the Frederick County Courthouse because I just miss going to Court.  Well, I don't miss the hearings and the pressure and preparation....I miss the people.  I miss the familiarity of the routine.  I miss the congeniality.  I miss demonstrating respect for our judges.  I feel like the Courthouse is kind of "home base" and I look forward to the day that I can just walk over there again.  And I hope that day comes soon.  

As for the symbolism:  we have John Hanson out front on his pedestal, many lawyers in the courtyard, and a flamingo or two (as usual).  Looking around back we can look inside and see a gleeful judge reading the Maryland Rules while lawyers and clients are negotiating in the witness room being instructed to "Settle it, Or Else!"  And every bit of it is edible. 

Best Vegas Themed Winner: House #6: "Vegas Baby!" CLICK AN IMAGE TO MAKE IT LARGER  ​By: Stephen LeRoux

House #5: Model of The Law Offices of Ethridge, Quinn, Kemp, Rowan & Hartinger By: Tim Price

The Bar Association of Frederick County, MD