Caroling Contest Guidelines​​​​​​

Firms/ groups, are invited to join our Holiday Singing Contest.  Each participating group will sing one song. Groups may dress up or whatever you want to show your spirit.  In addition to having fun, we will be raising money for the Child in Need of Assistance program “CINA.”  Here are the details:

  • Singing will be done by groups but do not have to, constitute a law firm (ie  law clerks, State’s Attorney’s office, solos banding together etc.)  You must sign up to sing by 12/3/18. Sign ups can be in the "Note" section of the online registration or by email to

  • Prepare at least one song.  The winning group(s) will be asked to sing a second song.  You may prepare one or wing it.

  • Song selection is entirely up to you:  Secular, Christmas, Hanukah, Pop, Santa, etc.  Our party is notabout faith, but togetherness.  The holidays are for everyone. 

  • Singing will start around 6:30 pm

Two winners will be selected – one by People’s Choice, selected by attendees “voting” with their cash in labeled jars for the group they like best.  The cash will go to CINA.  The other winner will be by official Judges’ Selection -- all Frederick County judges in attendance will confer to select their favorite. The Judges’ winner will receive a great prize to celebrate their victory.

We’re not hung up on rules; the idea is to have fun.  You can dress up; bring music, etc. – let us know so we can coordinate the logistics.  For questions, email Janice at

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